10th Anniversary of AIRBUS authorised dealers seminar

During the seminar of authorized Airbus dealers, ICS Consulting Engineering team had a chance to meet and change best practices with distributers from over 60 countries and to gain latest information on Tetra communications market. ICS met with Airbus’ experts who presented information on newest products and specific market solutions. Also, there was a chance to see solutions prepared by Airbus’ partners as well as to acknowledge new directions for use of Tetra and Broadband networks. New practices that may be used in our region were exchanged.

Airbus presented several novelties such as use of Tetra pagers by fire brigades in Hessen, Germany, use of pagers in health institutions in Finland, latest THR 9 Tetra terminals with significantly improved performance, mini base stations Claricor which are ideal for airports, mines, power companies etc.

Ultimately, Airbus’ expert presentations as well as latest information gathered, provided new ideas for development of potential new markets and users that will increase our sales.

*Airbus Defense & Space has implemented over 280 Tetra networks in 74 countries in the world. The company is a market leader for critical communications that focuses on centers for urgent communications (911, 112), professional mobile radio communications, network solutions, radio terminals, dispatcher units and security operational services and centers.