Audio-visual recording systems in Public Prosecutors’ offices

ICS Consulting Engineereing designed and implemented a solution for audio-visual monitoring of proceedings within research centres of 19 Publc Prosecutors’ Offices as an essential part of the project “Supply of specialized equipment for research centres of Publc Prosecutors’ Offices. This solution was based on SRS Femida system produced by our Ukraine business partner, SRS. 

SRS Femida provides objective registration of investigation proceedings through audio and video recordings. The solution includes  4 microphones and 2 video cameras, installed within the research centres in order to provide high extent of transparency. The system enables real time creation of records with chronological indications of participants and events, it enables simple and automatic creation of electronic and printed records that are digitally signed, case data creation (proceedings number, participants, serial number of CD/DVD as a carrier of the recorded material, names of events and notes) as well as  audio and video record of the process. Also, the operation system as a whole, excludes the possibility for unauthorised access to data saved on the hard disc and this option is achieved by use of pre-defined schemes for different proceedings with a possibility to reproduce CD/DVD recorded trials on any computer without additional software installation.

This very solution increased the efficiency, productivity and transparency of Public Prosecutors’ Research Centres.