Broadband World Forum 2014

The 14-year old World Broadband Forum (Forum for broadband products and services) is a global meeting place for industry broadband products and services, gathering leading operators and manufacturers to meet the latest open issues and opportunities.

With over 7,800 participants from mobile, fixed and cable operators, national and international governments and the world’s leading providers of solutions, the Broadband World Forum is an exciting place to meet a whole telco industry under one roof and to identify the latest innovations in network optimization Services and customer monetization.

World broadband forum is a great opportunity to see what others are doing on different markets, to understand how trends in telecommunications spread globally and if necessary, to adjust a strategy to be successful on the market.

Among the 7,800 visitors to the broadband World Forum,  ICS Consulting Engineering had three representatives who were introduced to the latest developments and challenges in the focus of global developments.

Several questions were particularly interesting for ICS Consulting Engineering:

• How to satisfy the needs faster  – in the fight for faster disposal of market products and services that address a growing number of users, as well as shortening the period for investment return – an issue of a crucial interest.

• How to be the first one reaching new opportunities – in order to gain competitive advantage operators constantly seek for new creative services and improvement of existing options.

• How to be closer to customers – For a normal operator’s functioning, field technicians and customer care units are of crucial importance, i.e. quick and efficient service providing and resolving customer requests and concerns.

• What are the innovations in the area of fixed access networks and how to adapt these solutions in Macedonian conditions

At this forum, two prizes were awarded to Alcatel-Lucent: for most innovative solutions provider  (Most Innovative Solution Provider) for 2014 with with its VDSL2 vektoring solution and for the most innovative solution in broadband access networks (Best Broadband Access Innovation) with vektoring solution that provides tremendous speeds to 1 Gbit / s through copper pairs shorter than 250 meters.