Critical Communication Europe 2014

After Budapest in 2011, Helsinki in 2012, Paris in 2013, ICS Consulting Engineering attended  ”Critical Communications Europe” in Amsterdam 2014 – European summit on TETRA networks.

In Amsterdam, the main topic was the ability of critical mass communications to change in the next 10 years. The issue addressed referred to changing networks and services to reach the needs of next generation of critical communications users. Alcatel-Lucent and Airbus jointly presented the latest developments of LTE networks and TETRA network, the future of Tetra mobile broadband for users of critical communications. There was also an exhibition of the latest innovations in the field of TETRA terminals and Cassidian (Airbus Defence and Space) presented the first Tetra based pager that had already been implemented in Germany. Therefore, the solution was discussed with representatives from the Ministries from the Balkan for possible application of this technical achievement in the region.

For years now, Alcatel-Lucent and Airbus have been working jointly on the integration of LTE networks with Tetra networks, so the security forces may have secure broadband radio communications for the exchange of a large volume of data in extreme situations (earthquakes, floods, etc.), in areas with no radio coverage.

* TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) is the accepted standard of digital radio for critical communications. TETRA is an open standard that focuses on achieving the needs of communication in public safety and security agencies and increasing market demands. The technology is standardized by ETSI (The European Telecommunications Standards Institute). Similarly to GSM and other mobile networks, TETRA radio infrastructure is based on radio propagation technology cells. Frequency range of TETRA in Europe is between 380-400 MHz for communications in emergencies.

TETRA standards are continuously being upgraded so at the moment, not only verbal communication but also data transmission, short messages and an increased number of applications are developed, specifically for critical communications. The main purpose of TETRA network is to be used by governments for public safety, defense and military purposes as well as in other public services.

ICS representatives with other participants at the conference.