Digital radio-communication system for the Macedonian police (TETRA 3)

ICS Consulting Engineering was a part of the team for execution of the final phase of the project “Digital radio-communication system for the Macedonian police (TETRA 3)”. The company had a significant contribution to the project implementation – installation of microwave transport links between base stations, using Alcatel Lucent 9500MPR microwave radio, providing the power supply Emerson systems NetSure and delivering of TETRA terminals from Airbus Defense and Space business partner.

The project completion resulted in high quality and within the planned time frame, so according to the words of the project consultant, Mr. Gabor Frishman, the project set “new standards” in Macedonia. This remark was even more significant since the project had been described as one of “extraordinary complexity”.

The success of the project is a result of participants’ professionalism, their team spirit, continuous monitoring, immediate reactions, dedication and focusing on implementation.

At the same time, the features of the incorporated products must not be overlooked for the ultimate success of the project.

Alcatel Lucent microwave links are characterized by simple and fast installation, low energy consumption and small spatial demand. At the same time, they ensure high availability rate and continuous services with low maintenance costs.

Havingin mind the hard working conditions on all locations, special attention was given to the power supply of the equipment. This was provided by Emerson AC/DC rectifier systems that are characterized by high availability, high efficiency, wide working temperature range, wide range of input voltage etc.

Delivered TETRA terminals for end-user communication gave the client a unique sense of security necessary in public safety networks, with high performance in extreme working conditions. These terminals were awarded as Best TETRA Terminals for 2013 by TETRA Association.