ICS provides the most modern courtroom in Macedonia

CS Consulting Engineering designed and implemented a solution for audio-visual monitoring of judicial proceedings with a sub-system for protected witness in the courtroom of the Law Faculty at “Goce Delcev” University in Stip. This solution is based on SRS Femida, a system produced by our business partner from Ukraine. ICS Consulting Engineering had already implemented this system within the Basic Courts and Public Prosecutor’s offices in Macedonia.

SRS Femida system provides an objective registration of trials/judicial proceedings by audio and video recordings. ICS implemented a solution with 8 audio channels and 4 video cameras that were installed in the courtroom. This system provides for a great extent of transparency. It enables a real time creation of event records indicating the participants and events in trials chronologically, it enables simple and automatic creation of electronic and printed records signed by a digital certificate, it enables creation of case data (trial number, participants, serial number of CD/DVD as a record carrier, names of events and notes), audio and video record of the trial. Also, the operation system as a whole, excludes the possibility of unauthorized access to any data recorded on the hard disc by the use of predefined schemes for different judical proceedings while recorded trials on CD/DVD may be reproduced on any personal computer without the necessity of installing additional software.

The sub-system for witness’ protection has been implemented for the first time in Macedonia and it’s a system that is fully designed to protect a witness or a victim by providing his unrecognizability while he gives his statement during criminal proceedings. The sub-system enables audio-visual connection with a protected witness who can be either in the court or outside the court, in a secret room. The protection is acquired by the use of sophisticated algorithms by distorting voice and picture that cannot be restored   at any stage. The sub-system protects the original voice and picture against possible restoration attempts.

“This very solution for the courtroom makes the Macedonian Judiciary System to be a regional leader concerning installation of multi-media and special software solutions” said the Judge Lazar Nanev, professor at the Law Faculty “Goce Delcev” and coordinator of the project.