ICS Consulting Engineering offers a wide range of solutions produced by NOKIA for fixed access through copper or optical media, in order to satisfy the growing need for ultra-fast transfer of data.

We offer the fastest and most cost-effective solutions that fully satisfy the needs of end users.

Optical Access Networks

Using NOKIA technical solutions, ICS Consulting Engineering helps you build the optical network of the future. With our solutions, you will always be one step ahead of the customer needs for larger bandwidth, combining our expertise in planning access networks and optical solutions from NOKIA –GPON and NGPON portfolio. Using our experience, we will reduce the risks for your business and improve the business case for your network.

Copper Access Networks

Using VDSL2 Vectoring and G.Fast solutions by NOKIA, you can get better performance from your existing copper DSL network. Leading operators around the world are using the VDSL2 Vectoring solution that allows speeds up to 100 Mbps on distances up to 600 meters, using the existing copper infrastructure. NOKIA lets network operators bring the speed of fiber to copper lines. With proven FTTx solutions and deployment expertise from Nokia and ICS, you can use to roll out FTTH faster and extend ultra-broadband services to every subscriber.


Тhrough years of rapid growth in subscribers, bandwidth and traffic, fixed access networks have become diverse, multi-technology environments. Whether copper, fiber or HFC, growing numbers of small, remote and widely distributed access nodes have increased network complexity, service complexity and costs.

Nokia software-defined access networks (SDAN) simplify the network in ways that renew your ability to scale while improving agility and keeping costs under control. Virtualization allows operators to automate the network and unlock new capabilities with smart, cloud-native access.

SDAN use software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) to speed up innovation cycles in a multivendor environment, leverage cost-effective cloud platforms that simplify IT integration, and scale up your ability to program and automate the network. Software-defined access networks give you an optimized next-generation access network.


Wireless Transport

Microwave radio systems offered by ICS Consulting Engineering are designed to provide operators maximal use of the frequency spectre, lowering the operational costs at the same time. Using the latest packet transfer technologies, these systems provide easy grooming and transfer of different types of traffic. At the same time, equipment has small footprint, high energy efficiency and are applicable in any network topology.

The Wavence UBT-family, the NOKIA products, offered by ICS Consulting Engineering is ideally suited to address the needs of mobile backhaul, energy, transportation, and public sector communications and last-mile service access.

Nokia Wavence introduces state-of-the-art UBTs with the most advanced radio technologies and multi-frequency carrier aggregation. Wavence supports backhaul and fronthaul evolution with multi-gigabit capacities and low latency transport with best-in-class transmitted power. 

Optical Transport

In order to address the growing need for Ethernet based traffic for transport of mobile and video services, ICS Consulting Engineering includes in its offer scalable solutions that use optical devices that work on WDM platform, have low operational costs, provide service differentiation and maximal return on investment. With NOKIA solutions we offer, 1830 PSS and Wavelite DCI (Data Centre Interconnection), you can always stay one step ahead of customer’s demand and your own needs. We offer a network model that has capacity, flexibility and performance to fulfil all market demands. Data center interconnect (DCI) is an important use case of the enterprise WAN, linking data centers for critical applications, such as business continuity, disaster recovery, or remote analytic computing.

IP Transport

Combining Nokia and the experience and competence of ICS Consulting Engineering, build your network using IP-MPLS transport solutions that are designed to meet the growing demand for transport of video services, IPTV and virtualization. The products from NOKIA 77xx family offer extraordinary scalable solutions ranging from IP core routing, IP service routing to IP edge routing. Complemented with efficient IP network management system, the operator gets a complete solution that will surely help their business development.