Our consultant services are focused on client’s critical needs, starting from management through organization, technology and transformation.

We have a profound functional expertise that contributes for business improvement as well as adding value to the companies.

In cooperation with world famous companies such as Grant Thornton and Deloitte, we took part in major projects of privatization of PTK Kosovo, Giving a concession of optical cable to the State Road Agency in Kosovo, Evaluation of telecommunication equipment for ONE Macedonia, Creation of project paperwork for implementation of ERP for Cadaster of Macedonia, different feasibility studies and in-depth analyzes, business strategies for US Aids, World Bank and other institutions.

In the domain of telecommunications, we offer to the companies consultant services for building networks which satisfy their needs, which are flexible and easy upgradable, as well as for introduction of new services on the market.

Although, we offer consultant services in the domain of marketing and regulatory in telecommunications.