Tetra World Congress and 17th Conference for Critical Communication World 2015

Participants from all over the world including users, providers and manufacturers attended the 17th Conference for Critical Communication World 2015 and Tetra World Congress. Over 4000 visitors and 200 presenters held discussions and seminars on public security and commercial use of critical communications. The congress offered answers to a number of questions for communication development and delivery in critical missions. Vital information on all aspects of TETRA networks and Mobile Broadband for critical missions were presented.

The use of broadband internet in massive critical communications was the main subject in Barcelona. There was a special focus on equipping police vehicles with multimedia that provide different services such as voice transmission, HD video, video surveillance, data collection, position location, biometric identification of a suspect, face recognition, recognition of registration plates, system for vehicle tracking, voice and data communication via Tetra networks, finger prints readers etc.

The conference program did not only show very useful business studies and innovations, but also explored critical broadband technologies and solutions. We heard how mobile broadband technologies, especially LTE, may be combined with security radio communications in order to provide data and voice connections in critical situations.

The use of Tetra networks for improving airport operation was also presented, providing optimal use of network resources while photographing and video communication in critical missions.

Several manufacturers presented how to use tetra networks in SCADA, Smart Grid and Telemetry.

Airbus presented several news among which were the following:  use of Tetra pagers in Hessen, Germany by fire brigades, use of pagers in health institutions in Finland and latest THR 9 Tetra terminals with improved performance.