The last partnership agreement promoted ICS Consulting Engineering to be Nokia’s partner for Serbia, Montenegro, and Kosovo.

We are especially delighted to announce that ICS Consulting Engineering and Nokia confirmed and strengthened their partnership by expanding the market to several close countries. This outcome was a natural result of mutual, long-term cooperation. Namely, as proposed by Nokia, the last partnership agreement beside Macedonia, promoted ICS to be Nokia’s partner for Serbia, Montenegro, and Kosovo. Nokia has been the main partner to ICS in the field of telecommunications since 2011 when the cooperation initially started with Alcatel Lucent. During this period, ICS continuously invested in employees’ education, in order to achieve mastery of all different technologies introduced to the market.

Nokia offers three levels of partnership: Authorized Partner, Advanced Partner, and Expert Partner.

At the moment, ICS holds the highest partnership rank for 2 technologies. For the other 2 technologies, ICS has the status of Advanced Partner:

• Expert Partner for Nokia fixed networks

• Expert Partner for Nokia microwave

• Advanced partner for optics

• Advanced partner for Nokia IP technology

We are committed to continuing our successful cooperation with Nokia in the Macedonian market and we truly believe that we will also have fruitful and successful cooperation in the new markets.

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