Uninterruptable power supply for runway signaling at the airport Alexander The Great for its maximum availability

ICS Consulting Engineering projected and implemented the solution for enlarging the power of uninterruptable supply of vertical light signaling at Alexander The Great’s airport runway. This solution was based on Chloride 80-Net devices for uninterruptable power supply, produced by our business partner Emerson. They were  connected in parallel with the existing power supply system Masterguard D-series. The client achieved necessary power and reliability by optimizing existing resources.

TAV Macedonia expressed a special gratitude for the solution implemented as well as it realization in respect of quality and time frame.

Chloride 80 devices are designed without transformer with a double conversion technology that provides significant savings of initial (installation) expenses and regular (operational) expenses. At the same time, these devices provide exceptional protection of consumers.

Chloride 80-net may operate in parallel modular configuration. Therefore, devices with equal output power may be connected in bridge so they can form configurations consisting of multiple modules. Parallel connection increases either reliability of the system or its power or both.

Eight devices may be connected in bridge to achieve exceptional flexibility and reliability.

Multiple-modular system is controlled and monitored by individual devices for uninterruptable power supply. Parallel system control is deployed among the units. By-pas lines and inventors of the units share the load. The percentage difference of device load is lower than 5%. Communication series in a ring connection enables load distribution even if it’s down. More information on production program can be found here.